Comic Book Review Day, Part Two: Morning Glories Vol. One For a Better Future

Morning Glories is a comic book series written by Nick Spencer with art by Joe Eisma. Oh my, I freaking love this book. I mean seriously, after I finish this review, I have every intention of buying a copy. And then follow the series. I like it that damn much.

Morning Glories is set at the fictional Morning Glory Academy, a prestigious prep school noted for its rather unorthodox teaching methods. And by unorthodox, I mean killing, torturing, and brainwashing. The series follows six new students to the Academy. Each are troubled and, to a degree, mysterious.

The first five issues comprise a single arc that introduces the characters and sets the stage for a conflict between the students and the faculty.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’m not going to go into much detail. As the six new students arrive (Casey, Zoe, Jade, Ike, Hunter, and Jun), they find themselves immediately on the bad side of the teachers, especially Miss Daramount, the principal.

It quickly becomes apparent that the faculty are looking for something in the students and hope to find it in the new crop. Casey soon finds herself the primary focus of the faculty and the de facto leader of the new students. It is her actions that save her classmates during a detention, and it is her leadership that prevents Jade from being put down by the sadistic Nurse Nine.

The last issue in the book looks into the future (?) and sets up further mysteries about the school and the, perhaps, its supernatural nature. And the students?

The characterizations are amazing. Especially the six students. Casey is clearly the protagonist. Her enthusiasm is quickly quashed by fear, anger, and hatred. She quickly morphs into a determined leader. As Casey is an overachiever, Zoe is first introduced with a number of boys (all of whom she dates). She comes off as indifferent and superficial, but there are hidden depths that remain unexplored. If you think Zoe is bad, Ike takes it to a thousand. Zoe jokes of a pregnancy scare. At the age of sixteen, Ike already has six children. Of the six, he is easily the most detestable. Jade is easily the emo of the group. Hunter is in a way the every man of the six. Rather average if not a little geeky. Jun is easily the most mysterious of the six. He knows something about the school. He knows its dangers. And he has a twin with a gun.

The villains are equally interesting. What can I say? I rather like Miss Daramount and Mr. Gribbs. There is a subtle humor that plays behind their dialogue. Especially Miss Daramount’s propensity of getting caught in explosions. A running gag, perhaps?

The art is very good, in my opinion. My only issue with it is that some of the characters tend to look a little too similar to each other.

Now that this is done, I’m going to go buy a copy.



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