Comics: Buying and Collecting, with a Dose of Fickleness

Right now, I’m listening to the Comic Vine PodcastSo far, I’m enjoying it greatly. Especially since it marks the return of James Robinson. Hell, even if the podcast is nearly three hours long!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about comics lately. For this post, I want to forgo writing about writing comics. Rather, I want to focus on buying and collecting comics.

I’m fickle. It is a flaw I’m deeply familiar with.

A few months ago, I pointedly “dropped” Stormwatch and Teen Titans. And now, I’m kicking myself in the butt for it. Mind you, I haven’t read either of them in months. And I want to hop back on them. Of course I’ll have to scramble at some point to pick them back up. Especially Teen Titans (of which I only have two issues)!

This got me to thinking about what I like and don’t like in superhero comics.

I have a strong fondness for teen/ youth heroes. Even if I’ve dropped off of the Teen Titans bandwagon recently, I haven’t stopped being interested in what goes on in the series. And everyone knows I’m salivating about the relaunch of Young Avengers. Though I’m not so sure if I want to check out Avengers Arena. I’m not really feeling that one.

I’m also kicking myself for not focusing on Wonder WomanLike Teen Titans, I have only two issues of Wonder Woman (11 and 12). Damn it! I need more!

I’ve also dropped off of Captain Marvel. Although I don’t know if I really want to keep following that series. I loved the first two issues, so . . .

But, I really can’t afford to follow every comic I would love to. Especially when they cost $3.99 and come out biweekly. That explains why I’m not really following X-Men Legacy. The idea sounds interesting, but I don’t know. There are other books I want to pick up.

Let’s move away from superheroes and play a little with creator owned comics. I’m upset with myself that I still haven’t started picking up creator owned series (baring volume one of Morning Glories). I really need to make myself pick some up. But superhero comics are so damned addictive!


That’s it for today. I may have a post on writing up tomorrow. Until then. . .


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