I… I Just. . . I Can’t. . .

I know I’ve promised for like two weeks now a review of Avengers: The Children’s Crusade. Well, I can’t keep that promise. Why? Because I couldn’t even make it through the first damn issue. It was just so bad. Really bad.

Let’s be clear. I still love the Young Avengers (or maybe just Wiccan and Hulkling). But Alan Heinberg is a bad comic book writer. He freaking telegraphs what he’s doing in the first issue. Like a damn neon sign saying – “Doom did it! He did it all! Blame him!”.

And please, don’t get me started on the dialogue. Or the plot for that matter. Ugh.

The more I think about it, I really haven’t liked any Young Avengers related material that I’ve read. Young Avengers volume one was okay, but not spectacular. Dark Young Avengers was, well, idiotic in the extreme. And now this.

Do I really not like the Young Avengers? Or is it I like them as characters, as a team, but I just don’t like the stories that they have been featured in? I’m hoping, really hoping, that it is the later. But to answer that question, I’ll have to trust in Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (and the rest of the new Young Avengers team). Hopefully, this will be a new starting out point. And the start of something even better than what came before.

I do have issues with some aspects of the team, though.

I really hate the fact that they are presented as a bunch of Avengers fans who take up the mantle to fight crime. Really, there are a million other ways of getting a team of super hero teenagers together. Especially given that a good number of classic super heroes and teams started out as teenagers (Spider-man; the X-Men).

And why, oh why, did Wiccan (and Speed) have to be the reincarnated sons of the Scarlet Witch? That doesn’t even make sense with reality warping thrown in! The two (Wiccan and Speed) have to be at least ten years older than the children they used to be. Couldn’t he have been some kind of Asgardian? Or why did he have to even have a legacy?

To be honest, I think I would have preferred something more original rather than a group of teenage cosplayers with super powers. Why couldn’t they have been original?

Now that I’ve calmed down some, this does bring into consideration a past post on buying and collecting comics as well as a recent IGN post on habit buying comics.

I agree that one should not buy comics out of habit. If you, the reader, don’t like the writing or the art, then please, don’t keep purchasing the title. If you buy out of habit, the publisher won’t take the initiative to try and fix the problem. The problem will only fester.

The question I have for myself right now is, is the first on panel kiss between Wiccan and Hulkling worth the price of The Children’s Crusade


Here’s hoping the new Young Avengers will be far better than what has come before.


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