Transcribe to Digital?

I’m wondering if I should transcribe my writing journals to a digital format. I think it would be a good idea as some of the paper are fading and crumbling, the ink is a pain to read (and occasionally multicolor), and the notebooks are falling apart in some cases.  Plus, I can go back over what I’ve written before with a better eye to detail.

But I don’t want to abandon pen and notebook, either. Writing by hand is both natural and convenient whereas typing on a computer doesn’t really allow for ease of use. I mean, I can’t take my computer to the bed, can I?

Maybe I can do both? Write by the seat of the pants in the journal, then transcribe it when I’m finished. Sounds like a good compromise.

Now, let’s see if I can get six more posts by January 1, 2013!


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  1. You can’t take your computer to bed?
    I love my Mac Air so much, I don’t write on it – I date it!

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