A Top Ten List

I promised  a top ten list last night. And I don’t know what to top ten list. I haven’t really read enough novels published in 2012 to make a top ten. Same goes for movies. I guess I could do comics. Or maybe a general my top ten favorite things that happened in 2012. Yeah, let’s go with that.

10) Reading The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer. Definitely on my shopping list.

9) Discovering Morning Glories and Sweet Tooth.

8) Going to my local comic book shop after years of not going.

7) The fun I’ve had with this blog.

6) Earth 2

5) Going to see The Dark Knight Rises in the theaters.

4) Watching The Avengers from my local library.

3) The reelection of President Obama.

2) The various marriage equality victories at the polls.

1) The various artistic breakthroughs I’ve had this year.


Well, that’s that. I’ll have something else tonight. And then tomorrow, post 300.

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