On Drinking

For my last post of 2012, I want to write something a little silly.

It is traditional for people to get plastered on New Year’s Eve. And at sporting events. And at bars and clubs.

But not me.

I’m pretty much a teetotaler. Not by choice, mind you.

It’s just that every time I have an alcoholic beverage, be it beer or wine, I want to retch. Seriously.

I bought a bottle of wine for my twenty first birthday. Just gross.

And when I went to Portland for Sigma Tau Delta, I went to a bar with some friends.  Two sips and I wanted to vomit.

Makes me wonder why anyone else drinks. Unless my taste buds are very selective. Or naturally prohibitionist.

Until the new year (tomorrow).


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  1. I have acid reflux, which means I should avoid alcohol, but I don’t. However, I’m getting annoyed how every social event involving people my age now involves drinking; at a certain level of drunk everyone starts spilling their deep dark secrets and then in the morning we all have to pretend nothing happened. Might just be university life hitting me, again, since back at home the preferred beverage for small social gatherings was tea.

    • I know. I’ve never understood youth drinking culture. Probably the mix of forbidden allure and being views as not as dangerous as other narcotics/ intoxicants.

      • I’m Polish and the approach to drinking is far different there; not that there aren’t drunks, but the very specific drinking culture among youth here doesn’t exist. There is no “forbidden allure” when your parents start you drinking beer at 10 years old.

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