My 300th Post: 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

At last! My 300th post! Party like it’s. . . um. . .

A new year has dawned. As such, it is traditional to state resolutions. These resolutions mostly don’t last longer than a few weeks. Months at most. But still, we state them anyway.

So,  here are my resolutions for 2013:

Write everyday. Whether it is my own projects, ideas, this blog, ect. Just take the time to write.

Read everyday. I’m disappointed in the amount of my reading over last year. And I really need to take more time to read.

Get better organized. I like to think I’m organized. But I’m deeply not.

Teach myself art, again. I seriously want to get back into art. Even if it is just a hobby.

Follow through on my research projects. I have questions to answer. And project ideas to research.

Keep up with my exercise. I know it’s not much right now, but I want to keep up with my routine. Which I should have started years ago.

Eat better. This one should be easy. Because I seriously want to eat better. Hell, I can’t really stomach hamburgers anymore.

Try to get away from my comfort zone. When it comes to my artistic ambitions, I need to keep my options open. I’d like to utilize a mix publishing approach, to be honest.

Be more open. I’m very private and reticent. I need to be more approachable. And not afraid to talk to people.

Well, I think this is a very good resolution list. Now, I just need to follow through on them.  Making and setting this list is easy. Making them reality is the hard part.


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