What’s Coming: A Mash Up

I’ve been very bad as of late. I’ve wanted to blog far more than I have recently. But I simply haven’t had much inspiration. And the new format on WordPress is rather annoying. Plus, my glasses are giving me hell. So any kind of writing (or reading) is a pain in the ass with a side of headache. 

But, I will try to soldier on and keep to my resolutions. Before I start writing regularly again, I do want to change up a few things. 

I’m going to try and plan my posts out better from now on. That includes outlining and more research. A lot of what I’ve written has been by the seat of my pants. And I can’t say that I’m overly pleased with the results. So, starting with my next post, I’m going to have a plan and outline what I’m going to write about. And I’m going to do more research. 

I’m also going to try blogging every day for the months of February and March. Can I do it? Will I have enough material? We’ll see. 

So, what have I got in store over the coming days (or posts)?

I’m struggling with a rant I want to launch on Glee. But bitching about the writing (and all the other myriad faults) just doesn’t appeal to me. The question I should be asking is why I care so damn much? I don’t like the show. But, could I secretly want to like it? And the unforgivably atrocious writing makes it so frustratingly impossible? Is that the root of my ire? And how does this frustration inform my own writing projects (whatever the genre)?

Speaking of projects, I’m wanting to explore various online publishing ideas I’ve had regarding serialized fiction and comics. My first idea was an online OEL manga anthology like Shonen JumpWeekly Shonen Jump, and Weekly Shonen Magazine. Given the OEL manga market, I don’t know if that could work. But that original idea has given rise to a few others. Namely working on various online comics and prose serials.I need to give these ideas some more thought. What better way than to blog about it? 

I have a few other ideas in the works as well. But I don’t want to tip my hand too soon. So, expect at least two posts next week, but I’m aiming to do four. So, until then. 


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