In Need of a Reboot?: My So-Called Life

Reboots. Remakes. Reimaginings. I won’t lie. I’m on the fence when it comes to this. On the one hand, I’ve enjoyed the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, the rebooted James Bond series, the New 52, etc. But, on the other hand, I’ve hated some examples like the new Star Trek, American Godzilla, the rebooted Conan the Barbarian, etc. Given that Hollywood is, on average, dearth of ideas, it is not surprising that reboots and remakes are unavoidable. Especially the more successful ideas. And that is where my issue with the whole concept comes from. I loathe the fact that there seems to be so few original ideas. Although I don’t know how audiences would react to an original idea. And there’s the problem.

Anyway, that is the torn position from which I am approaching this post. There are at least two series that I would love to see get a reboot or a remake. One of them is Babylon 5. And the other one (and the subject of this post) is My So-Called Life

In my last post on Glee, I mentioned discovering and falling in love with My So-Called Life. I’m not kidding, this show is amazing. Absolutely awe inspiring. Don’t get me wrong, there are some problems. Mainly the story arcs featuring the elder Chases. Some of Patty and Graham’s independent arcs are interesting, but they really work best when bouncing off the younger cast. 

I love the fact that the show is largely unflinching and not afraid to depict characters warts and all. There are times when Angela is an insufferable brat. And that makes this show so great. And she gets called out when she is in the wrong. Pity so few teen dramas do the same (though who am I kidding? I’m very new to this genre). 

That is why I would love to see My So-Called Life get a reboot. But, is it feasible? Has time passed it by? Should it be done? Would it be a success or an abject failure? A Battlestar Galactica or The Addams Family?

If there was any movement for a reboot, wouldn’t it have made itself known by now? Then again,I really don’t know how the film and television industries work. And, to be honest, I have no interest. I’ll get to that in a later post.

Back on topic, I don’t know if a remake really should happen. The thing about reboots and remakes is that they so often work when the original versions were not successful. The original Battlestar Galactica was a failure. But the remake was one of the highest rated scripted series on SciFi. Meanwhile, The Addams Family and The Munsters were both very successful shows in their original incarnation, and sucked badly in their remakes. Seriously, the recent Munsters revival was an hour of my life I’ll never get back. Damn it was horrible. 

So, that’s my fear with rebooting My So-Called Life. Would a remake have the same power, the same drive, the same artistic vision as the original? I don’t know. Maybe a remake is not the way to go. Maybe the focus should be on inspiration, legacy, and succession. 

And here is where my knowledge hits a brick wall. I don’t know enough about the genre, either teen drama or teen comedy, to make a reasonable statement as to whether or not any recent series are inspired by My So-Called Life. Though, to be honest, I suspect not. I hope I’m wrong, but I just feel that the more successful teen targeted series are based around a conceit or a gimmick. Like Glee or Gossip Girl. But maybe I’m wrong. If so, yes! Now, would I like it? 

Damn, I think I just wrote myself away from wanting a reboot of My So-Called Life. That isn’t all that surprising. To be honest, I would much prefer an original idea inspired by My So-Called Life rather than an outright reboot. But this is Hollywood, and I doubt we’ll see movement in either direction.

Next time, I have a date with James Gordon, Jr. Wish me luck. 


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  1. I think it could be re-done, with similar style characters, who fit into today’s world, but done the same, just not ‘exactly’ the same. I love how Angela enjoyed Brian Krakow’s poem so much. And I remember him riding circles with his bike in front of her house, she was trying to talk to him but he was shy or hurt. I dunno, all I know is that show definitely left an impression on me and although I don’t remember the episodes, I remember how much it made me ‘feel’. I LOVE how it starts off with Angela questioning herself, like why is she always good, what would it feel like to be bad for once? or let loose? or just be free of your own rules you’ve placed on yourself all your life but now you’re not sure why. How about a reboot on a ‘theme’ like that? 😀

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