The Superbowl (and Things)

My last post was almost a week ago. I just haven’t found anything really interesting to post about. And I think I needed a bit of a break. Then I remembered what happens tomorrow. The Superbowl.

How  long has it been since I last wrote a sports related post? Too long, probably. Hell, I think I’ve only ever blogged about sports no more than five times (my former co-writer covered that). 

Anyway, I wanted to discuss the big game. I’m actually looking forward to this one, compared to last year’s. 

But, who am I rooting for? I like both teams on the field. So my choice will have to be off field. 

Normally, I’d go by city. So under that rubric, I’ve got San Francisco (as I’m less familiar with Baltimore- I did live in S.F. a few years back). 

But, I’m also upset with the 49ers for a number of issues. So that would argue the Ravens. 

Maybe I’ll support both teams. That way, my team “wins” regardless?

Now, enough football. What do I have planned for this coming week?

I want to do a review of Saga. Though I may have to reread the first volume. I enjoyed it, but I don’t think it is as good as Earth 2

I also want to explore my issues with musicals. I’ve tried watching a few that I’ve TiVOed. And I must say I still can’t stand them for long. 

What else? Oh, yeah, I wanted to rant (some more) on PBS. And rant (again some more) about the lack of interesting television programs (in my opinion). 

Finally, I want to throw out some free ideas. These are ideas that I’m never going to act on, but someone might want to. 

Until my next post. . . 


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