Skyfall: A Review

Skyfall. Scene Porn. That’s what I think of when I think about this movie after watching it. I mean damn! Shanghai, Istanbul, London, Scotland, Macau, and Silva’s Island. Wow. All of those scenes are amazing. Especially freaking Shanghai. The cityscape is amazing. And the fight in the building. Wow. And the casino scene in Macau? Absolutely jaw dropping. If nothing else, the cinematography of this film is just amazing.

But what about the plot? Don’t watch Skyfall paired with From Russia with Love. Seriously, don’t do it! I mean it! 

Anyway. . .

In Skyfall, M herself comes under attack from a vengeful agent, Raoul Silva/ Tiago Rodrigez. With a parliamentary inquiry looking into her handling of the secret service, M must rely on a presumed deceased Bond to put an end to Silva’s rampage. But it ends in tragedy. 

Why? Because Silva wins. Yeah, he dies first, but he achieves his objective. And there is no other way they could play it. What better way to give Judi Dench’s M a fantastic sendoff? 

In a way, Skyfall is a rather confusing film. The past is depicted as being in conflict with the future. And while the film clearly, with a heavy hand, supports the past, the future is depicted as being unavoidable. The old order passes in this film, even as Bond makes a case for the continuance of his world. 

But, to further complicate the theme, Skyfall features a return to classic Bond. M is a man, Moneypenny is finally introduced, and so is Q. However, as the original dynamic is restored,  it is highly modified. The new M is given far more of a backstory than any previous M, including Dench’s own. Moneypenny is a former field agent turned personal assistant. And Q is reimagined as a computer genius. Very interesting. 

I really like the film. But I agree that the final third of the film is drags compared to the first two-thirds. And the “epilogue” is disappointing. 

I look forward to what the next Bond film is, but I do not want a return to the cheesy Bond of Moore’s run. 

Skyfall is a fun movie. And one of the better Bonds, in my opinion. Just don’t watch it paired with From Russia with Love or, honestly, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I mean it!


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