Where’s That X-Men Rant I Promised? Here It Is

I am honestly torn about the X-Men film franchise. On the one hand, I really enjoyed X-Men and X-Men United, disliked Last Stand, was warned off of Origins: Wolverine (by my brother), and loved First Class. And I have strong feelings of trepidation for Days of Future Past. Why this uneven record? Why my mixed response?

Well, I honestly think the X-Men Films are poorly planned. Maybe not badly written (save, I’m told, Wolverine), but certainly poorly planned. What do I mean?

Well, wasn’t First Class supposed to be a reboot of the original series? But now it is being treated more as a prequel.And doesn’t Wolverine violate continuity for both the earlier trilogy as well as First Class? There are two Emma Frosts, aren’t there? And the conflicting depictions of Sabertooth? Maybe the whole franchise should be rebooted with a stronger coherence of continuity. 

The characters themselves also have grown to bug me. The franchise relies too heavily, I think, on Wolverine and Magneto. Mind you, Wolverine could star in his own franchise while playing more of a supporting role in the main franchise (with the focus being on other characters like Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey, etc.). But my real annoyance is the near exclusive usage of Magneto as the main antagonist. The X-Men have a great cast of villains, but Magneto eclipses the others. Can’t Mr. Sinister or Apocalypse have any screen time? Or Arcade? 

The fact that the films have, at worst, become a series of cameos from various characters don’t improve things. 

Personally, I do want the X-Men series to be rebooted with stronger planning and Wolverine to be spun off into his own series. But I want them to have no relationship with the current franchise. 

I want to see Magneto be the main antagonist of at least the first film with other villains stepping in for sequels. How about Arcade for the second, Sinister for the third, and Apocalypse for the final film? That would be awesome, I think. 

But I’ll leave the actual planning and writing to the writers and producers hired to do it. (Though I may have a blog post playing with how I’d write things, If I could).

Here ends my rant. Hopefully, the X-Men series doesn’t fall back into mediocrity like it did with Last Stand and Wolverine



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