Posts on Writing: Introduction

I know I should have had this post up five days ago. But I’ve been dealing with distractions (I’m a TIVO hoarder). Finally, however, I’ve gotten around to writing this post.

While many of my posts take the form of essays, I’m more often than not talking and writing myself through the various issues I’m tackling. I’ve found this to be both therapeutic and grounding.

So, these upcoming posts on writing will be me walking myself through my myriad thoughts on the act of writing.

The titles and subjects have already been decided on. At one point, I had wanted to utilize more imaginative titles like “Thinking Like a Writer, Thinking Like a Storyteller.” But the more I thought about it, I realized that I wanted to zero in on concepts. If you’ve had the pleasure of watching Art 21, you’ll recognize what inspired my subject/ title choices. So what are the posts going to be called?









Hopefully, using these single word titles/ concepts as a guide will aid me in focusing my thoughts.

Now, I’m not going to spend the next nine odd posts solely discussing my thoughts on writing. So, I’ll intersperse these posts with others.

For example, I’m building up to a new rant on teen superheroes (or why I’m disappointed with the new Young Avengers).

That’s it for now. Until next post.


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