About Fandom

Or why I really should avoid comment threads. Or message boards. Now, this is not to cast aspersions on most comment threads or message boards. Or even most fans. This is about that annoying and egregious group of fans with a little too much troll in them. 

Some fans are great. Those fans who struggled to save the original Star TrekFirefly, etc. They are awesome. But those fans who presume that they own the franchise and proceed to hurl abuse at all and sundry (including their “beloved” franchise) are, in my opinion, horrible. And don’t get me started on those who presume they own the people who work so hard to bring that franchise to life. I shudder when they pop up. Even when they are not being creepy. Of course, I find even the nicest seeming to be creepy. 

It is true that artists need a thick skin. And in the Information Age, we need skins of diamond. 

That’s all I got for this subject. To be honest, I hate discussing fandom. Anyway, let’s look at what else I have planned.

There is the latest Post on Writing. I discuss Shakespeare. I discuss upcoming scifi series. And I might castigate my writing. Sounds like fun. 


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