Posts on Writing: Choices

At first, I wanted to approach this blog post as if I am playing the “What If Fanfiction Game.” I would blather on about how I would reboot Glee. And rereboot Star Trek (yes Abrams has brought in hundreds of millions of dollars, but the reboot craps on everything that is Star Trek-check out The Blog that Time Forgot for a fun take down). 

Seriously, how is playing the “WIFG” helping me? I isn’t. So, I need to swallow my own fears and take a look at my own projects. Deep breath, here we go.

Let’s begin with the title. What do I mean by choices?

The answer. How do writers settle on Point A and Point B? And how does the narrative that connects the two end points develop? That is what I mean by choice. In my experience, all of this comes down to a choice. Even if the writer him or herself is unaware of it. 

Now, that is not to say all elements of a narrative are dependent on active choices. Some writers just let the story flow then introduce choice in the editing process (and in choosing to let the story flow). 

So, let’s look at my own projects.

Witchpunk. Formerly Wizard Punk. Now a novel trilogy. Used to be a comic book series. What changed? Obviously, the magical of the pair switched genders (I wonder if the act of writing itself is a validation of Queer Theory in some respects). But how did this proposed trilogy go from comics to novels? As I thought about the magic I wanted to explore and where the idea flowed, a trilogy of novels seems to be the best option. (Plus, this is my current project, and I’ve decided that I want to do any art on my comics projects myself- you may now heartily laugh).

I’ve pretty much decided what I want to do with Witchpunk, but I have a few other projects that are bugging me. 

Be Weird. I don’t know if I really like the name. Maybe Keep Weird? Anyway, this is the realistic project that I’ve toyed with (and mentioned a few times here). I know it is not right for a novel. There is a serial aspect that I want to engage in. But here is where choice comes in. Should this project be a comic book series or a television series? Obviously, there are three choices. 

A comic book series lends itself to immediacy. I can do most/ all of the work myself. But there is the problem of length and genre. Are there any “realistic” American comic books? I don’t know. Let me know (or I’ll let you all know if I find out first). 

A television series has format and length. But this choice will be in my box of lost projects for years and years. Unless I treat this as a closet television series. 

A third choice is to defer. Write two scripts: one a television script and the other a comic book script. This way, I can better determine which option works best for this project. 

Now, I do have a project that is pretty much unequivocally a comic book series. Spang. Now, I’m not going to go in too much detail about this project. Why? It’s a gay erotic comic. Meant, largely, to prevent me from going crazy porny with gay sex in everything else I write. (Trust me, I will).

Will this project ever see the light of publication? I don’t know. . . depends.

Damn. This post is more fun than I thought. I’ll do this more often. I do have more ideas and projects that could benefit from this. 

So, in the end, where will my choices lead me?



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