A Holiday Twofer: On Chairs and Keeping Weird

Before I begin this post, I would like to wish a happy 23rd birthday to Chris Colfer. I look forward to reading The Enchantress Returns in a few months time (as well as his other upcoming projects). (As an aside, I really should make a habit of wishing birthdays and marking deaths).

On Chairs

I broke a chair this afternoon. I am infamous when it comes to chairs. It is, honestly, a miracle that chairs last six months with me. 

I don’t know why, but I am just extremely hard on my chairs. 

I had a rather standard office chair. With wheels. Very comfortable. But as I rolled and typed, the chair eventually fell apart. A screw came lose. And the chair sagged. 

To cut down on costs (I hate spending money), I’ve run through a series of cheap metal folding chairs from Target. They usually have lasted a few months before the metal bar between the legs break. Or something else breaks. 

I’ve also run through some used kitchen chairs. One lost the piece between the legs and gradually started to sage. Another one likely would have developed the same problem. 

The chair I broke this afternoon was plastic. And I broke the back. How, I have no idea. Right now, I’m using a new used kitchen chair. Hopefully, this one will last until I can acquire a stronger, more permanent chair. 

Keeping Weird

In my last “Post on Writing,” I mentioned a project of mine tentatively titled Keeping Weird. I’ve been trying to build it up. To make it more than just an idea. But it is just not working like I want it to. I have a few ideas, but nothing that could really make a series.

So, I’m going to put it on a back burner. And if needed, merge Keep Weird with another project called Two Cities

But while I’m stymied on this project, I must say that I’ve made progress on Witchpunk and Spang (the naughty project). And I have a line of research for Epic Fantasy One (sucky name I know, but I’ll change it when I get more in depth). So it is not all bad.

I’m honestly excited by all of this. Not the chair breaking though. That is annoying.



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