Taking The Plunge, And Other Shopping Objectives

I’m finally going to take the plunge. I’m finally going to try and read the Harry Potter books. 

For years I’ve prided myself on having not read the Harry Potter series. But I think the time has come to bite the bullet and read the damn books. 

Though, to be fair, this will not be the first time I’ve attempted Potter. I used to own Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I tried to read it, but just could not connect. I’m hoping that this time, by starting at the beginning, I’ll be able to make progress. 

Or I could come out of this even more down on Harry Potter than I already was. Time will tell. And be sure, I’ll blog about it, for good or ill.

So, how am I going to buy Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (or Sorcerer’s Stone)? I’m taking a trip to my favorite used bookstore this weekend, Golden’s Book Exchange.

Mind you, getting Harry Potter books will not be the main objective Saturday. 

My primary objective will be looking for art books, history books, and (maybe) cook books. I’m especially looking for art books. Why? Because I want instructional books easy to hand.

A few months ago, I wrote about the problem of checking cook books out from the library. I experienced similar problems with art books. But, the fault is not with checking books out. The fault lies with how I, personally, check books out. I’m a hoarder. I’ll have six, seven, twelve books out at any one time. And that is seriously not conducive to learning. 

Now, the last time I went to Golden’s, I looked to see if they had any art books. I couldn’t find any. But, I might not have been looking hard enough. 

Hell, it was only this last time that I discovered the YA section, the home schooling section, the horror section, and the paranormal romance section. So, there may very well be areas I missed. 

So, what is on my list, this time?

Art Books- I’m especially looking for books by Bridgman, Hogarth, and Loomis. Though if there is a Chris Hart book on drawing manga figures, I’ll pick that up, too. Also, any general art book. Especially on pastels (hey, I’m really into pastels). 

History Books- I’m looking for medieval history and ancient history. But I’m not holding out much hope. Golden’s has more World War and American history.

Cook Books-I’d like to get my dad a book on cheese making (please, don’t ask). And maybe one for my brother.

And I really hope they have a copy of Larousse’s Encyclopedia of Mythology. Or something similar. I’ve got a project brewing dealing with gods. . . 

And, of course, I’ll wander by the (great) science fiction and fantasy wall to see what new goodies are there. Maybe some Tanith Lee? Maybe more Morecock? Can’t wait to see 

And of course, there is Potter. 

But the cream of the crop would be if I can find a copy of Childcraft’s Make and Do or another good craft book for children. 

Now, I know perfectly well that I can get everything I want on Amazon. But you know what? I’m old school. I love going to a brick and mortar old school used book store. Knowing that I have no clue what I’ll find is exciting. Amazon can’t give me that.

Though I do use it too if I want something specific.

Look for my follow up post on Saturday night when I recount what I got.

But, next time, I’ve got city issues.  


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