31 Days of Post (2) Day 1: A Confessional Introduction

I’m an idea slut.

I have many notebooks filled with ideas. And often, they don’t want to organize in a project friendly way.

This is, honestly, my biggest weakness as a writer. What project should I work on? What groupings of ideas should I focus on? And what are the consequences of those choices?

Like I’ve written before, I dislike the idea of repeating myself.

Even though, perhaps, that will make a traditional writing career more problematic.

But if I can’t write what I want, why write at all?

It’s not poetry, but how is this for an introductory post for my second 31 Days of Post?

Over the coming days and weeks, I’ll expound further on my foibles and make light of my projects. And I may have some reviews and analysis, too.

I would write more, but I watching my nieces. And they sound like they’re getting in trouble.


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