31 Days of Post (2) Day 6: Journeying Through Space and Realities

I’ve been reading (and largely loving) CLAMP’s Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. This is not, however, a review or analysis of the manga. Rather I want to explore the idea of travelling and questing beyond a single world.

While I’m currently reading and being influenced by CLAMP, the idea of the journey has been with me for years.

Originally, I was planning on having a group of people from our present Earth being dumped on a sword and sorcery type world. While the first book dealt with most of the travelers seeking a way home, further books would have focused on the main protagonist’s decision to remain on the new world to continue his adventures.

For years, I’ve played with this idea. I really liked it. But there were several issues inherent with the concept. Largely, there was the issue of translation. How would my travelers communicate with the peoples of the constructed world? Magic? Slow learning?

Ultimately, that idea evolved into transporting Austin, Texas to a fantasy world. While interesting, the same problems remained (only compounded by the population of a major American city).

The evolved idea gradually evolved in reverse with a fantasy city coming to merge with an American city (first Austin, now San Francisco). I like this permutation because I can get some sociological and anthropological explorations within the themes of the project. And the protagonist would be an anthropologist. Now that’s science fantasy!

Anyway, that idea kind of evolved out of the travelling idea I had originally wanted. Though there were points, early on, when I did toy with the protagonists travelling across the various realities I create.

Now, in recent months, I’ve been wanting to work in both science fiction (in the form of space opera) and fantasy. But, to be honest, I really don’t know enough when it comes to science to really do a good job writing science fiction. I know I’ll never be a decent hard science fiction writer. Anyway. . .

The idea I came up with starts with an alien abduction and a successful test subject mutiny. From there, the former abductees repel an alien invasion and get sent across the galaxy. From there, our protagonists must struggle home across a hostile galaxy filled with suspiciously human aliens. Sound cool?

Well, I like the idea, but I realize that I’m veering towards science fantasy, like Star Wars. And yes, Farscape and Stargate Universe have similar ideas.

This morning, I got to thinking about contemporary fantasy and my struggles with coming up with an effective idea for a serial. And, likely due to the influence of TRC, I remembered my dimension hopping idea of years ago, mixed, of course, with my current idea for the space opera project.

Now comes more complications as I have another idea that wants to fight for my time and attention.

So, I’ve already looked, a bit, at the space opera idea. But let’s touch on this new man I’ve dreamed up (my muses are guys).

While the starting arc may not be as well developed as my space opera idea (hey, it is less than a day old), one strength (and large selling point) is that I can create any world I want to and focus on it for however long I want before moving on. Compared to just focusing on a single world for years, I think this is a strong incentive to explore it further.

Man, I really need to be more authoritarian with my muses. Well, I did say i am an idea slut. . .



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