31 Days of Post (2) Day 8: A Food Post

Lately, I’ve wanted to start cooking far more regularly than I do. My favorite genre of television programming is cooking shows, and my desire to start collecting cookbooks is starting to grow again. So, lets talk food. 

I’m addicted to PBS cooking shows. Especially the America’s Test Kitchen franchise. Hot damn, I love America’s Test Kitchen and Cooks’ Country. And the various shows from Jacques Pepin are a joy to watch, I adore the old Julia Child programs, and Christina Cooks makes me want to try vegan food. And there are many more. 

I spend so much time watching cooking shows that I pretty much watch nothing else. It’s crazy.

Now, what cookbooks do I want? Well, anything by America’s Test Kitchen. I checked out one of their books from the library a few months ago and loved it. So many recipes. Other good all purpose cookbooks are Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything and Rombauer’s Joy of Cooking

I also want to focus on some regional and international cuisine. I’ve been obsessed with Japanese cuisine for years. So, I’ll try to pick some books up (I find it weird that my local library system changes how many Japanese cookbooks it has every time I look). I also want to pick up some Chinese, Mexican, and a few European cookbooks. 

Watching cooking shows and reading cookbooks are all well and good. But neither one does any good if one doesn’t apply what either teaches. 

And there lies my problem. 

I unfortunately have a menu of routine foods I eat. To be honest, a not very healthy menu. I could be worse, but it certainly could be a hell of a lot better.

So, what should I do? Focus on learning what ingredients go with other ingredients. I also need to hunker down and actually freaking cook more than I do. 

Finally, I need to exclude junk food and excess sugar from my diet. 

Tomorrow, I should be back to my regular posts on writing and genre. 


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