31 Days of Post (2) Day 12: On Elves and Fairy Tales

I’ve never felt the need to include elves in my writing. Or, really, anything Tolkien used in The Lord of the Rings. And the same can be said of fairy tales.

I’ve often read other writers discussing the difficulties they have dealing with the influence of Tolkien’s work (and to a lesser extent fairy tales). But I’ve never felt that urge, that difficulty. 

The reason, I think, is that I came to Tolkien later than most readers. So his influence is drastically lessened on me compared to other writers who read him in more formative years.

For me, the fantasy that is most influential is sword and sorcery. The first films I remember watching were Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer, Red Sonja, Beastmaster, etc. All sword and sorcery. I’ve also written about how influential He-Man and She-Ra (in addition to Thundar the Barbarian) were. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that I would struggle with the influence of Howard and his successors as well as the whole “problem” of science fantasy.

That said how have I struggled with what influences me? How do I break free from it? Or even use it?

The answer to those question will, naturally, be revealed in my writing.


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