31 Days of Post (2) Day 15: Feeling Critically Nostalgic

Yesterday, I had a small binge session with the original Johnny Quest series. For a cartoon series nearly fifty years old, it is extremely well done and exciting to watch. But it is also racist as hell. 

Seriously, the African tribe in the end theme just screams racism. And within the series, the treatment of Asians is vicious and Native Americans uncomfortably stereotyped. 

A huge part of the problem lies in the voice acting. The accents of the Asian characters (especially Dr. Zinn) is troubling. But no where near as troubling as the Native American character’s accent from “Werewolf of the Timberland.”

And let’s not forget that many of the Asian villains have traces of yellow peril. . . 

Why has no one ever brought this criticism up before? Or has it and I’ve never noticed till now? Regardless, there is a really fascinating research paper (or creative deconstruction) waiting to happen. 


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