31 Days of Post (2) Day 21: In Anger

I was wanting to write about my lack on interest in (non manga) comic books. but I have bigger fish to fry. 

I’m angry. And this has nothing to do with politics. Or writing. Or reading. Or anything like that.

Rather, this anger is personal.It is rage at being taken advantage of and getting nothing out of it. 

I don’t like to write about what is going on in my private life because, well, it’s no one’s business but my own. And I don’t particularly like my blog being confessional. I’m not a fan of confessional poets, and I don’t want to do it myself. 

But sometimes venting is a good thing. Especially if letting one’s anger take control causes more problems.And I seriously need to vent. 

I’m basically used as a free daycare service. Now while I don’t dislike my nieces, I strongly resent the fact that I’m saddled with them all the time. Hell, I watch one of them as much, if not more, than the child’s mother. And I’m not even related to her. She’s more like my future step niece or niece in law. And I probably watch my biological niece as much as both her parents (only her elementary school watches her more). This pisses me off to no end. I have other things I want to do. 

What pisses me off the most, though, is that I can’t do anything about it unless I want to set off a violent parental temper tantrum. And even if I did say anything, it’s not like anything will actually change. Because they both freaking know I don’t want to be a baby sitter. They just don’t care.

Okay. I’m feeling better now. Maybe I should write this into a story at some point?

Tomorrow, I’ll try to write about comics. Or something.


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