31 Days of Post (2) Day 27: I Got Nothing

I don’t have anything planned. Nothing to rant about. So, this will be a brief, mixed bag of a post.

This morning, my Niece and I were looking at pictures of insects on Wikipedia. It was, honestly, great fun. For someone who dislikes living insects, she was quite fascinated with their pictures. Though she does share her grandmother’s love of purple butterflies. .  . 

Given how many channels are devoted to sports, one should think that a greater variety of sports would air regularly. Instead, so much “sports” programming is little more than talk. Repeating the same football news cannot be better than airing a soccer game, a hockey game, or a sumo event. 

While I do like football, I am also a fan of less popular sports. I love action sports. Give me X Games and more Dew Tour. I remember years ago when ESPN aired sumo competitions. I want some! Or what about those little known Olympic sports? What about fencing? Or the strangely compelling curling? Seriously, I don’t want to wait four years to watch fencing. And then only on a computer.

Part of the problem, I think, is that too much focus is payed to the big three sports. And while that attention is, honestly, warranted, it should not lead to other sports being ignored. Compare the football sites on ESPN to what passes for the action sports site. And the same is true for NBCSports. 

So frustrating.

Back to my niece. I really want to make her toys. Not buying her toys. I mean actually making her toys. Just another sign of my ridiculousness. 

Hopefully, I’ll have something better tomorrow. 


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