31 Days of Post (2) Day 30: Some Thoughts on Writing (Take 2)

Before we begin, this post is not safe for work. Probably. Depends where you work. Also, this is me talking to myself like yesterday’s post. 

One of my “author appeals” is writing gay sex. Now this would be great if I was specifically writing gay porn. But I’m not. I’m writing fantasy (I’m not saying the two genres are mutually exclusive, though). 

Is there a problem here? Yes. Another of my “author appeals” is a sense of fairness towards my characters. I feel uncomfortable extolling the sexual escapades of a gay character while glossing over or ignoring the sexual activities of straight or lesbian characters. 

So, perhaps I should focus on glossing over the sex, period. But there is a problem with that, too.

Because I don’t want to skip those scenes. What should I do?

Easy answer, split my project ideas and work them into several categories. Prose fiction goes in one category. Comics work (yeah, that bear is back) into another. And gay porn (either prose or comics) in a third category. With a pseudonym. I guess now I see the advantage of the pen name. 

To be honest, this is not the first time I’ve brought this issue up. I have written about the desire to write more pornographic works in order to keep it out of my other work. At the time, it was largely in relation to comics, but I think it would also work as well with solely prose fiction. And, at the time, the question of publishing was not really addressed. Should I seriously consider publishing? Or just keep as something personal, just for me? Right now, I’m leaning towards actually looking into publishing whatever it is I come up with. 

Is this the best solution? I don’t know. Only time will tell. Now. Any good ideas for a pen name?

To conclude this second round of “31 Days of Post” tomorrow, I will put up a questionnaire. I would put up a poll, but I don’t know how. 


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