Revising My Opinions

I’m proud of the reviews I’ve written. But I agree with some readers that, perhaps, I should revise some of my reviews. Especially as regards Joseph Campbell’s work. So guess what? 

That’s exactly what I’m going to do. I currently have The Hero with a Thousand Faces and The Power of Myth from the library. So, in the coming week, I plan on reading and watching the two works. And post up my thoughts on each. I am critical of Campbell, but maybe a fresh look will change my opinions.

I’m also wanting to take fresh looks at TrigunKaze no StigmaXNabari no Ou, and several other anime series I’ve reviewed over the past few years.

I’m also wanting to give a second look to Tanith Lee’s Tales from the Flat Earth. I definitely do not think I gave the first three novels a fair shake in my first review. I’m eager to give it a second look.

Furthermore, I want to give a new look to Perdido Street StationThe Scar, and Iron Council

I have other revised reviews planned, but that would be telling.





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