R.I.P. Teen Titans (Until Next Time)

So. Teen Titans is coming to an end in April. 

The New 52 iteration of the Teen Titans has been controversial since the beginning. Rather than reintroducing the team with core (and traditional) members (say the team as constituted in the Teen Titans animated series), the team is a mix of traditional members (Robin/ Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Superboy) and newer members (Bunker, Solstice, and Skitter) with Raven and Beast Boy being relatively late additions to the team. 

This decision, coupled with the initial storylines, and the unfortunate dictates of trying to figure out/ make up what the hell is actually going on in the New 52 incredibly hampered the series. (And several other series in general, but this is not a post to slam the New 52). 

Was this new iteration of Teen Titans any good? It was decent but it could have been a lot better. It certainly was a critical failure. 

For me, I was disappointed much of the time. While I like the idea behind the team’s formation, I’m bitterly disappointed by the execution. And, to be honest, Tim Drake’s character is a butchered shell of what it once was. But hey, there is still Bunker (my favorite after Red Robin). 

Now, though, begins the wait to see what happens to the team as a new creative team, eventually, relaunches the series. Will the team’s composition be the same? What will happen to Bunker, Skitter, and Solstice? That is my biggest fear. When new characters are suddenly left adrift after a creative change, they, and their fans, are often left out in the cold. 

But that is the deal comic book fans make. 

I just hope Bunker will stick around and not be consigned to comic book limbo. 



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