My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant: The Demo Reveiw

My Ex-Boyfriend, the Space Tyrant has been lurking on my computer in demo form for almost a year, or more. I finally decided to play the demo last night. And damn it all, did it stink.

The game stars Tycho Minogue, a retired captain in the Space Navy, who is mustered back into the service when his ex-boyfriend goes on a spree of galactic conquest.

The problem with the game is that it wants to play the point and click adventure “straight” while at the same time attempts to be a campy parody of the genre. It doesn’t work on either level.

The story is, honestly, boring and uninteresting. And the gay element of the game is, frustratingly, tame. The men are scantily clad but nothing happens save some flirting, or so I’ve read. In other words, the game is toothless.

The selling point of My Ex-Boyfriend, the Space Tyrant is not that it is a good game. Not even that it is an adequate game. Rather, the argument is that the game is explicitly designed for a gay audience. But the copious flaws that mare the game destroy any desire on my part to buy.

Absolutely there needs to be more games for the gay market. But it is vital that those games actually be good.

Unfortunately My Ex-Boyfriend, the Space Tyrant is not one of them.


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