Coming Out on Top, A Further Take

This post is not safe for work. You have been warned.

I’m still obsessed with Coming Out on Top. I want it now, damn it. But I’ll wait, knowing that a better game will be the result. 

I can’t help but feel that my review of the second demo is incomplete. Namely, I didn’t go into the art and visuals like I should have. Nor did I point out some specific examples of scenes that need improving. I’ll also end with what I’d like to see in a third demo, before release. 

The art work for Coming Out on Top is very well done. It certainly has evolved from the earlier demo. I see nothing wrong with it. The character design is great. And the landscaping/ interiors are all pretty good. 

The problem is that there are clearly two artists at work. One does most of the game (who I think is Obscura herself) while the other does the sex scenes (who I think is Doubleleaf). 

In the second demo, there are only three sex scenes with several accompanying explicit images. They are all very nice, especially the Jed/ Mark and Alex/ Mark scenes. But the first sex scene, Mark jacking off, is problematic. In those images, Mark’s head looks a little small compared to the rest of his body and his chest is somewhat too big. It doesn’t look quite right. 

One part of the character design that I should have commented on is the player choice in facial and body hair. The player character and his love interests can all be modified by giving them beards and body hair. Some of the beards look very nice, Ian and Brad’s, while others don’t look quite that good, Mark’s. Jed is, honestly, a bit problematic. His beard looks better in the sex scene than in the game itself (there are points where the beard looks weird when he talks). I have stronger feelings about the chest hair, to be honest. Jed, Ian, and Brad’s chest hair look amazing. But Mark’s chest hair looks weird. And Alex’s chest hair is atrocious. 

The problem here is that the facial/ body hair worn by the characters are too standard. While Jed has a sparser, scruffier beard, all the beards are full. There are no goatees or van dykes or mustaches. The same is true of the body hair. Again, Jed has a sparser cover, but all the guys have basically the same full coverage. 

(All that said, adding beards and body hair is entirely optional. If a player likes it, go for it. And if not, don’t use it.)

Moving on to the sex scenes, there are a few more things I want to say about them.

Why does the dildo scene not have any explicit images? Will the scene be illustrated in the full game or is it just a humorous, and disappointing, throwaway? In any case, I hope this scene gets an explicit expnasion. 

Another scene in need of expansion is the bukkake between Mark and Jed. When Mark strips in front of Jed, the narrative box tells the player what is going on. Why is this scene not shown? Wouldn’t showing Mark and Jed standing and staring at each other naked with lustful eyes not be hot? Why skimp on the MVP’s cumming? Or Jed rubbing his dick on Mark’s chest/ sucking Mark’s dick after Mark cums? And why not show the kiss between the two at the end?

I emphaically want more to the bukkake scene. And hopefully the other sex scenes will be similarly expanded. (The dream sequence between Mark and Alex is slightly longer than the bukkake scene.)

This plays into my earlier complaint in my review of the demo that Jed, Phil, and Brad get short changed. There are three Alex scenes and only one scene to introduce Jed, Phil, and Brad each. This leads to the conclusion that the second demo feels rushed at the end, though not tacked on (given that the first demo was all Alex). 

In a third and final demo (which should be released 1-3 months before the game’s release date), I would like to see more done with Jed, Phil, and Brad. Maybe expand the demo’s time frame by another week or so to give players more time with the new love interests. I think all three would benefit, but Phil and Brad honestly do not look very good personality wise in their introductions. And, for me at least, more Jed is a good thing. 

I also think that there needs to be another two sex scenes in a third demo. The dildo scene needs to be illustrated. And another Jed scene couldn’t hurt (in addition to expanding Jed’s initial appearance).

Did I mention I’m obsessed with this game? Yeah. . . 

I may return to Coming Out on Top if there is something I feel that I need to say. I’ll also be sure to review a third demo and the full game on each’s release. Just give me some time to play them. 



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