The Latest Marvel News

I should be ecstatic about this. Sam Wilson, the Falcon, will become the next Captain America this fall. Joining him will be a woman becoming Thor. And a more super villain Iron Man. This is, on the surface, awesome news. But look deeper. Know your comic book history. These nuggets of change demand much greater skepticism than they have received. 

Marvel (and DC) has a racial and gender problem when it comes to characters. They know this. They are aware of it. They are doing something about it. They are getting better. Maybe not as fast as I and many other progressive comic book fans would like, but they are certainly improving. 

The problem isn’t that Captain America is going to be a black man. The problem isn’t that Thor is going to be  a woman. The problem is how long will these changes last? 

Will Sam Wilson still be Captain America in ten years? In five? In three? What about Thor? 

I’ll be surprised if these changes last two years. 

It is very rare for successful superhero succession. Especially at Marvel. And even if it does last, there is no guarantee that the older hero won’t return to supplant their younger, newer replacement at some point.

I want to be wrong about this. I would like to see Sam Wilson wield the shield for many years. And I’d like to see what Jason Aaron has in mind for Thor. But healthy skepticism will, no doubt, assuage the coming heart break and fan rage.



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