Monthly Archives: September 2014

This Year’s 31 Days of Post

For the past few years, I’ve blogged every day in the month of October.The posts I write during this month have usually been spur of the moment. I want to try something new this year. Every post of this year’s 31 Days of Post will have a common subject. That subject is writing.

Why devote an entire month of posts to writing? Over the past few months, I’ve found myself wanting to blog more about my own writing. The problem in writing about my writing, however, is that there is a gulf between what I’m experiencing and what the reader will experience from my words.

I have a desired goal in my writing. And that approach affects a lot of how I struggle with figuring out what (and who) I want to write at any given time.

So, in all honesty, writing a continuing series of posts about writing sounds like a good idea.

What’s the plan?

I intend to start off about my goals, techniques, research, inspirations, world building, perspective obsessions, and some of my projects. Then I’ll discuss some genres I want to write, but find a pain in the ass to come to grips with. I also want to blogĀ about character and how I create them. And, just for fun examples, I’ll write some posts exploring how I’d handle certain franchises.

This will likely be my last post until October. I want to get started writing these post. And, to be honest, I’m finding it difficult (for various reasons) to find the time to blog.