31 Days of Writing: The Introduction

I have had great difficulty figuring out what I should write for this first post. I know that I want to jump right in. But how? All of my drafts attempting to elucidate my ambitions felt wrong. And when I tried to shift focus to my inspirations, the draft revealed something missing. The more I think about the situation, the more convinced I am that these posts should be centered around projects rather than subjects.

Currently, I have four projects vying for my attention. Over the next thirty days, I will be writing posts exploring each project in a number of ways. The schedule looks like this:

The Superhero Blues: I want to write a superhero story. But I’m stymied on how I should approach such a topic. This series will also include some creative challenges as I “pitch” certain superhero comics.

Black Magic: This is my magic project. It has also gone through a number of mergers, metamorphoses, etc. since I first dreamed it up.

Just Another Portal FantasyJust Another Planetary Romance: I’ve been obsessed with portal fantasies for years. I want to write one. But how should I approach the subject? How can I make a genre rooted in pastiche (especially the sword and planet subgenre) something unique? These posts will also be a response to the “Watchmen of Planetary Romance” series over at Black Gate.

A (Texas/ Southern) Gothic Fantasy: This project is my attempt to struggle with the idea that small towns are the best place to grow up. And, this gothic fantasy may be more autobiographic than I anticipate. (Of course, so is the Black Magic project).

I can’t wait to get started on The Superhero Blues tomorrow. Until then. . .


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