The Superhero Blues Part Two: The Teen Titans Challenge One

The Challenge: I’m going to set the challenge at the start of the New 52. Everything remains the same, except for Teen Titans.

The Team:

Tim Drake/ Red Robin will lead my version of the Teen Titans. I choose him because he is my favorite Robin (and, to be honest, out of all the characters associated with Batman). I’d keep him fairly close to his pre-New 52 character and past. The only difference is that Tim broke with the rest of the Batfamily when Damian was appointed Robin. He now operates as the solo hero, Red Robin, while also attending university. (I’m thinking in the Bay Area, though Metropolis is another strong possibility).

Cassandra Sandsmark/ Wonder Girl. Remember, Donna Troy is still unavailable for understandable reasons. I’ll change Cassie’s origin up by having her mother join with Julia Kapatelis as being one of the people who welcomed and helped acclimate Wonder Woman to the world outside of Themiscyra. I’m tempted to keep Cassie as a daughter of Zeus, but leave that to be revealed later. No matter the reason, Cassie has powers similar to Wonder Woman and, therefore, receives training from her big sister.

Virgil Hawkins/ Static and Ritchie Stone/ Gear. I really like these two characters from Static Shock. And I really want to write them. Given that Static has his own title at the beginning of the New 52, I’ll separate the two. Virgil, as depicted in his series, moves to New York to finish out high school, and Gear moves to the Bay Area where he partners with Red Robin.

Gar Logan/ Beast Boy is a mainstay of the Teen Titans. My version maintains his early history, only the Doom Patrol is replaced by the nascent Titans.

Raven is also a mainstay of the Teen Titans. She will maintain much of her history, save that she was, at some point, raised by her father. I’ve always preferred Raven to be more conflicted in her relationship with her father.

Tara Markov/ Terra is infamous in Teen Titans history. Will my version be friend or a deadly enemy?

Karen Beecher/ Bumblebee is DC’s first African American superheroine. She should have a role in the New 52. My version of Bumblebee is a metahuman rather than gaining her powers from a suit. She will be a classmate of Red Robin’s. Along with Red Robin and Gear, Bumblebee will form the core of the Teen Titans.

This list is by no means complete. These eight heroes comprise the team as it appears in the earliest arcs. But team members will leave and others take their place.

I recognize that my team is lacking some big names, names associated with the Teen Titans. Given that I’m centering this challenge in the New 52, some characters are unavailable. Donna Troy and Wally West are out, Cyborg is in the Justice League, and Starfire and Arsenal are running with Jason Todd. Superboy, Blue Beetle, and Static all have their own titles, which make me leery of using them. Especially when they are hundreds or thousands of miles away from the action of Teen Titans. But, that said, I would be willing to include them later on as their series end or a means to include them into my story becomes available. The same is true of the other traditional sidekicks. And, Bart Allen is not invited to the party, regardless. I never liked him.

The second part of the Teen Titans Challenge will explore some of the story ideas I have.


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