The Superhero Blues Part Three: The Teen Titans Challenge Two

The Narrative:

I’m not going to start out my run with a team origin arc. The way I’ve set things up, the characters will come together naturally because they operate in the same area. In a similar vein, I can use the same idea to incorporate Static and Blue Beetle earlier (and not have to have arcs inducting them into the team).

The first arc opens with Wonder Girl asking Red Robin to find her kidnapped friend, Vanessa Kapatelis. Together with the other Titans, the duo discover that Vanessa was kidnapped by Roulette under the employment of Doctor Cyber. Doctor Cyber transforms Vanessa into the Silver Swan (the plan is to have Wonder Woman fight Silver Swan in one of Roulette’s death matches). Wonder Girl is captured and forced to fight in her mentor’s place, only to be saved by the other Titans. Roulette is captured. Doctor Cyber and Silver Swan escape.

Team Members: Red Robin, Gear, Bumblebee, Wonder Girl, Static, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, and Terra.

The second arc introduces Raven and her brothers Power Boy (a reworked combination of the two Power Boys) and Brother Blood. The trio have been tasked by their father, Trigon, to conquer Earth by their own devices. Brother Blood intends to accomplish this task through his Church of Blood. Raven and Power Boy betray their brother and seek out the Titans to stop him. Gear and Power Boy develop feelings for each other over the course of the arc until Power Boy leaves the team after murdering Brother Blood and the Church of Blood.

Raven joins the team. Beast Boy and Terra are dating at this point. I’m thinking of pairing Raven with Jericho.

Zero Issue will detail the coming together of Red Robin, Bumblebee, and Gear as nascent Titans. The story will feature a gang war in San Francisco and the introduction of Lynx as Tim Drake’s Catwoman.

The third arc will feature Joseph Wilson/ Jericho seeking out Raven’s aid in cleansing himself of the various personality shades plaguing his mind. At the same time, the Fearsome Five have come to San Francisco. The Titans have difficulty defeating their foes (Psimon, Mammoth, Shimmer, Gizmo, and Jinx) until Jericho turns the tide by possessing Mammoth and Gear defeats Gizmo.

Jericho joins team. Romantic feelings between him and Raven.

The fourth arc will, at some point, coincide with “Death of the Family.” At this point, I’ll loan out Red Robin to the Batfamily for the duration of the story. Meanwhile, Gear is seeing Nathan Prince (who is actually working at the behest of the H.I.V.E. to recruit Gear), the Silver Swan returns to plague the Titans (Doctor Cyber is a member of H.I.V.E. at this point.), and an old enemy of Beast Boy returns to take revenge. The arc ends with Silver Swan being freed by the Titans of her conditioning and Gear being kidnapped by the H.I.V.E. At the same time, Lynx is approached by a mysterious individual.

Around this point should be Villains Month. I’m not sure who I’d focus on. Maybe Silver Swan as she recuperates from her ordeal and flashing back to some of her actions as a villain.

The fifth arc will tie in to “Forever Evil” by having the Titans try to defend San Francisco and the Bay Area from the Secret Society represented by the Terror Titans (The General, Dodge, Sun Girl, Enigma, Inertia, and Lynx). At the same time, Static and Bumblebee search for the still kidnapped Gear, who is being forced to work for the H.I.V.E. The Titans defeat their evil counterparts when Lynx betrays the Terror Titans and Miss Martian and Ravager (Grant Wilson) arrive to lend a hand. Wilson is killed protecting his younger brother.

The sixth arc begins with Red Robin devastated by his lover’s death and the search for Gear ongoing. Eventually, Bumblebee and Static are captured and meet with Gear and Mal Duncan, another kidnapped genius. The rest of the team finally learn of the H.I.V.E.’s plans and move to stop them and their evil schemes. The Titans invade the H.I.V.E. fortress and confront the H.I.V.E. Master. The Titans are on the ropes until Power Boy returns to get his boyfriend back.

This leads into the seventh arc as Trigon makes his move. And one of Trigon’s two remaining children on Earth has their own plans for conquest.

I’m going to leave things there. Damn, I have more ideas than I thought for my version of the Teen Titans. I know that I haven’t really touched on a lot of the characters in this brief synopsis. Wonder Girl, like Donna Troy, is dating someone outside of the team. A non superhero. Tim Drake has his relationship with Lynx. Beast Boy and Terra have been dating forever. Raven and Jericho are in a relationship. And Gear’s love life is interesting. I’m thinking he’ll eventually have a long term relationship with Starman.


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