The Superhero Blues Part Four: The Young Avengers Pitch

The Challenge: How would I build on Gillen’s run?

To be honest, The Young Avengers is actually far tougher to plot than Teen Titans. The series has never really been continuous. Rather, the series has been broken down, roughly, into “seasons” that hammer home the fact that, at times, Young Avengers reads more like a teen drama masquerading as a superhero comic. This isn’t a bad thing if done right. The question, of course, is how to do it right?

The answer comes, I think, from finding the right inspiration and not watering it down. Early in the latest series, Gillen’s Young Avengers were favorably compared to Skins. I’m not sure I buy that comparison. Not nearly enough sex and drugs, even if the superhero lifestyle can be equated to what the kids on Skins engage in. Personally, I’d want to say that the latest series comes off more as Gleeesque. And yes, Wiccan and Hulkling are part of the reason why. Also all the references to music.

Anyway, how would I tackle Young Avengers?

The Team:

I would start with team as Gillen left it. Gradually, I would replace some members with characters from Avengers Academy and The Runaways who don’t have anything to do. Who, don’t know.

The Narrative:

If the Scarlet Witch is Wiccan’s mother, who is his father? Vision or Mephisto? And what about the Kaplans? What about Speed’s “parents”? They don’t exist. They are illusions cast by Agatha Harkness when she sent the souls of Thomas and William into the past to protect them from their “father,” Mephisto. Harkness recognized the potential in Wiccan to become the Demiurge, and she knew that Mephisto must never come into possession of young William as an infant. However, with Harkness’s death at the hands of the Scarlet Witch, her spells are failing and the Kaplans cease to exist. Desiring to use his “children” for his own ends, Mephisto sends his son, Blackheart, to capture the twins. Only Blackheart plans to kill his potential rivals. Blackheart attacks the team only to be defeated, but Mephisto brings Billy to his realm. Only Mephisto did not count on Billy’s powers being so advanced. Billy destroys his father and remakes his realm.

Following that arc, I’ll shift focus to Hawkeye. Madam Masque has been humiliated by Kate Bishop twice. One of the premier villains bested by a teenager? Unacceptable. Masque has placed a bounty on Bishop’s head. And every contract killer in the Marvel Universe seeks to collect. Will Kate survive? Can the Young Avengers protect their comrade?

Meanwhile, in space, the Skrull Empire is making a comeback under Kl’rt. But he has no heirs. And there are many who wish to see the restoration of the previous dynasty, whose only living member is Dorek VIII, better known as Hulkling. While calling Hulkling home might seem like the politically expedient thing to do, the young man is half Kree, and the Kree consider him theirs. Can Hulkling escape his destiny, again?

That’s all I have for Young Avengers. I’ll have to think a little more to add more stories. Next time, I’ll return to my own superhero project.


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