The Superhero Blues Part Six: On Sketching a World

I’m finding this post to be a pain in the ass to write.

I must confess that I haven’t quite done as much world building as I would like. The reason is that I’m still debating with myself on how I want the narrative to go.

I have established that I want to focus on the career of a lone hero. But is this hero at the beginning of the Age of Modern Gods, or does he emerge over a century after the first superhero? What are the implications of each choice?

The longer history allows for a more altered world. But a newer history provides a greater sense of uncertainty. And, to be honest the former works best with a multiple point of view narrative while the later possibility more easily allows for a single point of view.

I know that the world is fantastic. The laws of physics allow for the presence of magic and impossible science. I also know that I’m not going to use fictional cities or countries.

What I don’t know is how exactly the presence of superheroes, supervillains, magic, and super science change the world.

I can see that the presence of super genius will allow for a technological utopia. But I also buy into the argument that, by their very existence, superheroes unintentionally increase the level of chaos and destruction inflicted upon the world. A utopia eternally on a knife’s edge is attractive, I must admit.

Writing this brief post has pushed me in a specific direction. But where that direction leads me is a post for another time.

Tomorrow, I discuss Redwind. And Tyler Spang won’t be rearing his handsome head until I write about the portal quest fantasy.


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