The Superhero Blues Part Seven: Redwind

Redwind is the heroic identity of the superhero at the center of my superhero epic, obviously titled Redwind. The project has undergone many permutations over time.

I intended Tyler Spang to be the man under the mask. He would be joined by Jett Drake as his partner (Shadow Master) in defending Austin from all sorts villains. But, as is the nature of things, Tyler and Jett enjoy adventuring in a portal fantasy. So, now, my plans are in the air.

I need a new Redwind. I need to figure out if he still has a partner. I need to figure out who his villains are. And is he still the hero of Austin?

When Tyler Spang occupied the costume, Redwind was a superhero who happened to be gay. His superhero career started when he used his powers against the Mad Gasser during the later’s attack on a residence hall at UT. This act showed Tyler and Jett that Austin needed heroes, too.

But with Tyler and Jett out of their roles, is the narrative intact, or is the narrative in need of change?

The narrative remains, largely, intact. The new Redwind keeps a good portion of the narrative plan I developed for Tyler. The major difference will be that Redwind will not be as promiscuous as Tyler. Redwind will have several boyfriends, yes, but he won’t be doing the amount of bed hopping that Tyler Spang does.

What I’m planning is for Redwind to span an entire superhero career. Redwind is at the center of the story, but I’m not going to give the narrative solely to him. There will be an ensemble of narrators because I want to get the full range of a superhero’s life.

As a writer, I’m obsessed with the possibilities of first person point of view. I’m also wary of too many narrative voices. Trying to show everything that happens in a story is, I believe, a recipe for disaster. More can be done with less.

How will this apply to Redwind? I’m no longer going to be writing the series solely from his and Shadow Mistress’s points of view. Rather, I will expand out the narrator cast to include civilians, villains, and other heroes as needed. The question I need to ask is: Who’s point of view is best for this particular scene?

I could keep the point of view split between Red and Shadow, but I always intended the dual narrative to lie with Tyler and Jett (which I will focus on when I write about the portal fantasy).

This concludes “The Superhero Blues.” Next on the agenda is “Black Magic” with Honor Gale.


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