There are Times I’m an Idiot: An Interruption

I hate it when this happens. I am minding my own damn business (actually, I’m watching my bratty nieces and getting more frustrated by the moment) when I am hit (not by my nieces) with a sudden revelation.

For whatever reason, the portal fantasy is in a state of disarray. Absolute chaos reigns on a universal flat world.

And Tyler Spang wants his costume back.

To be honest, Tyler and Jett work really well in Redwind. They work well in the portal fantasy after a fashion, too. But they work best as superheroes.

The truth of the matter is that I know more of where Redwind is going outside of Tyler’s bed hopping. The portal fantasy needs considerably more work than that.

So, I’m off to reintegrate Tyler and Jett back into the superhero life. And I need to do significantly more work on the portal fantasy.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to post about my issues with researching magic.


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