Black Magic Part Four: Honor Gale

If this novel is slightly autobiographical, why is the protagonist Honor Gale?

Black Magic (I really need to settle on a title) is the merging of several different projects. The most prominent of those projects is the realistic occult novel. Another project is a proposed series featuring the adventures of a wizard. The final project is a contemporary fantasy that featured a young woman returning to her hometown to report on the discovery of a colony of satyrs living in the nearby forests.

Honor Gale is the protagonist of the last of those projects. But, on closer inspection, the Satyr Project did not work well at all. So, Honor is out as a protagonist.

The thing is, I really don’t like getting rid of projects or characters. So, Honor needs a home.

Black Magic is the perfect fit for Honor Gale because I don’t see her as the typical fantasy heroine, certainly not the typical urban fantasy heroine. And, the more I thought about it, the less I wanted Black Magic to be a traditional contemporary or urban fantasy novel.

In the end, the realistic fantasy wins out.

And Honor Gale is, of all my creations, most suited to a more realistic fantasy.I hope to show what I mean in the pages of Black Magic/ A Witch’s LifeGoetiaHonor Gale/ whatever the hell title this work finally gets.

So far, I’ve only conceptualized this project as a novel. The question of novel vs. series will be the subject of my next post.


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