Just Another Portal Fantasy Part Three: Inventing a World

The first thing I need to determine for this project is the number of possible worlds Tyler and Jett will have to traverse in order to find their way home. At the moment, I am set on a single world. The reason why is that a lone novel, no mater how large it ultimately is, can only support a single world setting. A series can easily accommodate numerous world settings. In a way, I find the possibility of transiting dimensions or realities to be a very uncertain endeavor. With the countless dimensions/ realities possible, is it really likely that people journeying from one reality to another will find their way back home so easily at the end of the story? In fact, I think it more likely that any number of realities will have to be traversed. Unless, of course, our trekkers decide to settle down on a nice world, even if it isn’t their original homeworld.

I do believe I’m talking myself into a series. Crap?

Anyway, let me sketch out what I envision for the one world I’m set on at the moment.

The world is flat. In fact, the world is the universe. The shining lake of liquid light at the heart of the island at the center of the world is the oldest part of the universe. The youngest parts of the universe lie at the constantly expanding outer edges, where new oceans and lands are eternally in the process of creation.

The world is, therefore, impossibly gigantic (though not equal to the size of our own universe).

The world houses both magic and fantastical science. The are civilizations possessing high levels of advancement, and there are civilizations just getting off the ground. And, of course, there are civilizations in between and fallen.

The world is, in a sense, always in a state of chaos.

There are humans. The majority of civilizations are human. But there are other sentient species populating the world as well. There are crocodile people. There are scorpion people. There are dolphin people. So on and so forth.

My creation is the culmination of all of my influences. It marries sword and sorcery to planetary romance. It is weird and fractured. It might even be a little punk.

Hell, I could make a series out of just this setting alone. Double crap?

I’m not going to go into much detail about the world just yet. I’ll do that when I publish the damn book.


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