Just Another Portal Fantasy Part Four: A Trip Down Memory Lane

The idea of a portal fantasy has been with me for years. During that time, the idea mutated with my moods, concerns, and obsessions.

The original portal fantasy idea was definitely sword and sorcery. It featured a group of high school students on a field trip getting sucked into a reality at an earlier stage of development. The first book focused on the struggle to return home and the sacrifice one of the protagonists made to ensure his friends got home. The rest of the series followed his adventures in his new homeworld.

The idea strongly attracted me. But I could never quite make myself believe that the majority of the characters would survive and make it home. Plus, I had only an inkling of the richness of ancient history.

Gradually, this idea gave way to a world heavily inspired by China Mieville’s Bas-Lag. I loved working on that idea. But I ran into my biggest problem as a writer of fantasy- I suck at making up names that don’t sound ridiculous.

That is not to say that I have really abandoned that idea. It still exists.

Somewhere along the line, the idea struck me that maybe I could bring a fantasy world to Earth. Thus came Two Cities. I like this idea on an intellectual level.

But, Two Cities is too similar to several of my other ideas. (That said, I am strongly tempted to buck everything and just focus on Earth centric fantasies. It would save me agonizing hours on world building and languages. But it would also make these posts worthless because I’ll have to redo everything, again. Changing my mind is another major problem I have.)

I finally settled on what I have here. The present project is very much a merging of my first portal fantasy idea and the immersive fantasy inspired by Mieville with other elements. I am still not sure whether I want to make the project reality hopping. I’ve still got a few days to decide that. I am leaning towards it, though. Would save me headaches on figuring out how the celestial bodies work.

Anyway, the next two posts look more closely at our heroes: Jett Drake and Tyler Spang.


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