Monthly Archives: April 2015

A Short Update on Works

I have two major flaws as a writer. One, I have a lot of story ideas that demand immediate attention. Two, I, for whatever reason, dislike the possibility that I may repeat myself even in the slightest degree. I have been crippled by an inability to focus on one project to see it through to fruition. Those projects that manage to hold my attention never seem to escape massive textual reconstructive surgery. The perfect example is the portal fantasy I have been struggling with for months (years really). I have had several ideas that I have toyed with. But there can only be one. . . Thank you, Highlander. I am working on the problems I have. I hope I can at least no longer be debilitated by them.

I believe that I have come to a workable solution to my “Portal Quest Frustration.” Each of my ideas are interesting and worthy of exploration. I am going to write two portal fantasies. One of them will be more sword and sorcery/ planetary romance while the other is firmly epic fantasy of the multiple volumes sort. I will start with the ss/ pr story because that one is far better to start a career with. It can be a one and done novel with the possibility that I can expand Tyler and Jett’s adventures. (I may also incorporate some of my comic book ideas into this story as well.) The epic story will be set aside to develop because I recognize that I need to create several worlds’ worth of cultures (that won’t include Earth). This future narrative will incorporate some elements of my Two Cities idea (especially the anthropological focus).

The contemporary magic project has also been giving me problems over the past few months. I have the idea. I know where I want to go with it. But I’m not passionate about it. It is too literary and lacks adventure. There are ways I can make it more adventurous, but I don’t know if I really want to give this project the possibility of a series (though I do think there is an original take on the occult in the real world here). Time will tell, I think, with this project.

Maybe I’ve been so bound by a desire to map everything out that I’m causing more personal harm than good? Why the hell am I even thinking about trilogies and series when I haven’t even gotten off the ground yet? Perhaps I should just write novels that may or may not be expandable sequels. Let the market decide, ultimately.

I like where I’m at. I can’t wait to get started.