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Spectre: The Review

Last night, I finally watched Spectre. This surprisingly complex film has quickly become one of my favorite Bond films.

I write surprisingly complex because one does not expect much complexity from a Bond film. Bond gets briefing, uncovers villain’s plans (of which some inkling may or may not be known prior to briefing), and foils it soon after being assigned the mission. Most bond films do not go far beyond that formula. Spectre is far more than that.

Of course, there is the standard plot formula, it wouldn’t be a Bond film without it. But there is more.There is the further exploration of Bond’s history (which only the Craig films have tackled). There is the M driven subplot in which he tries to preserve MI-6 with both Bond and Max Denbigh trying to shutter it. Moneypenny and Q are pulled by their loyalties to both M and Bond. Madeleine Swann confronts her past and her complicated relationship with her nefarious father. Said father has his own private war with you know who using Bond as his proxy. There is so much going on. I love it.

With such complexity, one would fear that director Sam Mendes would get bogged down and the film would become too busy. No. The film never struggles with juggling so many plots.

The acting is very good. From Craig’s always outstanding performance to Dave Bautista’s amazing physical presence, I think the entire cast did a marvelous job.

I love this movie. I want to buy it. Like now.

But the movie isn’t without flaws. Spoilers may be ahead. You are warned.

I, personally, am not fond of many of the nostalgic call backs. Ben Whishaw’s Q is markedly different from Desmond Llewellyn’s Q. Why put Q (BW) in the lab producing gadgets when his true talent lies in his computer skills? (In fact, I wonder why Q could not have taken on Denbigh’s role as the creator of the Nine Eyes program.) And do not get me started on Chrisoph Waltz cosplaying Donald Pleasance. That may be the most iconic rendering of Blofeld, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t stupid.

Those annoyances aside, I really loved this movie. Like I said, I want to go out and buy it now.