Have you met the authors?

Meet SFTheory1:

Sftheory1 is perhaps the more traditional nerd of the two. He is an aspiring writer (hoping to take the aspiring out of the adjective) of speculative fiction with a BA in English Literature. He has been published once in his university’s student academic journal. Struggling between passions, he bridges the gap between speculative fiction and academic obsessions. He covers the speculative fiction, books, manga and anime, comic books, documentaries, art, history, science, and certain movies and television shows for the blog.

Meet DeRawkk:

Hello everybody, my name is not DeRawkk but that is what you can call me. Of the two people working on this blog I am what you might consider the “new millennium nerd”. I enjoy the hell out of video games, comic book movie adaptations, zombie flicks and professional wrestling. I also enjoy more mainstream forms of entertainment such as football, basketball, the more accepted forms of movies, and television programming. I believe, as does my blog colleague, that nerd should be defined as any and everything you are super passionate about. As far as what you can expect from me as far as content, I will be doing posts on both the mainstream and non mainstream passions in my life. These will include, but not limited to, football predictions and information, video game previews/reviews and general  news personal thoughts and opinions, movie previews/reviews and news pertaining to the subject, and possibly a pro wrestling post or two.

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