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Posts in Honor of Gay Pride Month: An Introduction

The month of June is Gay Pride Month. And in to commemorate, I want to write a series of posts exploring LGBT issues both within a science fiction/ fantasy context as well as in wider culture. 

This is not going to be another “31 Days of Post.” That may be an October tradition. What I am planning to do, however, is a disjointed series of several posts (I’m aiming for more than ten). 

I had planned to not have a specific plan for the project. But I do have some ideas and topics I want to touch on. And hint at. In a lot of ways, these posts will be me talking to myself (and you, the reader). This will be especially obvious coming up. 

I’m not going to spoil what I have in mind. Hell, I don’t know if there is (quite) anything to spoil. 

Now, I would like to open this project up to suggestions. If there is a topic you would like me to cover that is LGBT related, please comment.