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The Scholar’s Temptation

I want to write scholarly essays again. I was an English Lit. major in college. For the longest time, I planned on getting a doctorate and becoming an English professor in my own right with a, hopefully, impressive body of scholarly work to my name. Due to youthful incompetence and a lack of ambition, I never achieved getting my dreamed for doctorate. (It also doesn’t help that I am, honestly, a horrible teacher).

The dashing of my ambition does not mean that I’ve abandoned completely my scholarly bent. I just haven’t acted upon it.

I want to change that.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve wanted to do something new with the blog. I’m not happy with my blogging output. I want to change that.

I want to increase my output. And I want to diversify my writings for the blog. I want to write more reaction pieces. I want to write far more reviews. I want to write more about what I’m reading. I want to write about my writing. I want to write more essays. Etc.

Adding scholarly work sounds like a good idea.

But can I do it?

I haven’t written an academic paper in over ten years. I will be incredibly rusty. But I do think it is necessary. So I shall write. And write some more.

Hopefully, by the end of April, I will have a plan as to the exact changes I want to bring to the blog.

Wish me luck.


31 Days of Post (2) Day 31: The Finale Questionnaire

For the second year in a row, I have posted something every day in the month of October. While I had some good stuff, I also had a few duds. I’m always seeking ways to improve this blog. To do that, I’m using this post to gain feedback.

What do you like about Nerd Redefined? What do you dislike? 

Are there subjects you want me to cover more? Less?

Are there any subjects you think I should take a crack at? Some I should avoid like the plague?

What subjects do I write the best about? The worse?

Are there any special themes/ topics I should think about covering next October?

The format of the blog has been the same since the beginning. Should I redecorate? Should I not?

Should go back over my old posts and see if I still agree with them and explore what has changed?


I also have some ideas that I want to explore.

Should write more in depth about my ideas and projects? 

Should I try to do more formal research papers? 

Should I start a series called “Unsolicited Advice”?

Should next October’s theme be more of a diary rather than just a series of random posts? 

Should I try a two month NaNoWriMo? (To be honest, I’m not fond of NaNoWriMo).


Feel free to drop any other constructive comments in the comments section.

That’s it for today. I’m going to take a few days off. I should be back sometime next week.

Plans Etc.

To preface this post, I should never read works by the same author one after another. I’m currently stalled with my Ian Fleming reading goal. The sad thing is: I’ve stalled out on Live and Let Die. That goes to show what evil things omnibuses are. .  .

This post is largely going to be me blathering about changes I want to do to the blog (and trying to cajole some responses). So, what do I want to change?

I certainly want to change the layout and general design. I don’t know if I’ll change the header design or not. To be honest, I rather like it.

Since the blog’s inception, it has been exclusively text only. I’ve been wanting to change that for a while now. The question, though, is should I make it retroactive and revisit some of my past posts to include images where needed?

Another argument for revisiting old posts is to take a second look at things. There have been a few comments arguing I should revisit my Bas Lag RP and (certainly) my review of Trigun. So, I could do a sort of blast from the past where I revisit posts and compare my thoughts then and now (and include images and other media).

The topics that I’ve covered over the past year and a half have been rather random and dependent on what ever strikes my fancy at any given moment. That general randomness will continue, but I want to more tightly organize things into categories.

I’m certainly going to continue to write about the things that interest me. But I am rather reticent about making the blog more personal and devoting some of my posts to discussing my other writings. Then again, writing about problems I’m having helps me to solve and  soldier past them. I’m still undecided. Maybe I can do a trial run composed of several posts and see how I feel about it.

Clearly, despite my not wanting to, I’ve continued to inflict analysis and theorizing on here. What can I say? I’m probably obsessed with the nature and theory of fantasy fiction. And I want to, perhaps, merge some of the ideas I’ve developed with what I learned in my lit. theory classes.

Finally, I’ll make my final decision on how I want Nerd Redefined to look in the coming weeks. If you have any thoughts, ideas, comments, etc. please post in the comments section. So far, I have requests to redo Bas-Lag and Trigun, are there any other requests for taking second looks at some of my previous posts?

Also, look for me to try and be more active elsewhere on other blogs and sites. And that includes links and references as needed here.

To end this post at the beginning, maybe an unsaid reason why I’m no fan of A Song of Ice and Fire is because I simply get bored three hundred pages in. Anyway. I’ll try and track down those damn Fleming Bond novels at my local used book shop when I get the chance.