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Art and Books on Youtube

Over the past year, I have discovered the joys of art and books on Youtube. Honestly, where have these channels been all my life? (Okay, Youtube is only like ten years old and many of these channels are less five years old, so please excuse my exuberance for these channels). So, this post is about my favorite art and book channels on Youtube.

Art on Youtube

The first art channel I subscribed to on Youtube was the Artist Network channel, which is the Youtube presence of the Artist Network website. I have enjoyed this channel for years. It is generally amazing, excepting for the fact that most of the videos are appetizers for full length videos on the Artist Network website. Still, an amazing introduction to many kinds of art.

The second art channel I subscribed to on Youtube is Graeme Stevenson’s Put Some Color in Your Life. This channel runs full length episodes of, you guessed it, the Australian television series Put Some Color in Your Life. This series is freaking amazing! I love it! So many wonderful and talented artists have been featured on the show. Do check it out.

Over the past year or so, I have subscribed to many other art channels on Youtube.

If you are interested in watercolor and many other arts and crafts, check out The Frugal Crafter. Lindsay is amazing. Especially when it comes to watercolor. Another good watercolor channel is Tim Wilmot, who creates amazing urban and landscape watercolors.

For acrylics, none can beat the Art Sherpa and her mother Ginger Cook. The Art Sherpa is a wonderful trip to watch live. And Ginger Cook is a delight to watch.

There is also Lachri Fine Arts with her numerous media.

What about pastel?

I have subscribed to several very good pastel oriented channels.

The first of these is Karen Margoulis. The others are Lindy Witton Studio, Gail Sibley, Marla Baggetta, and Bethany Field. They are all really amazing.


I first discovered Booktube through a post on listing various book oriented channels on Youtube, including some who focus on science fiction and fantasy.

I don’t remember who the first booktuber I subscribed to was, but special mention must be made to Mercy’s Bookish Musings. She is amazing and introduced me to many other amazing booktubers. Including: Savidge Reads, Lauren and the Books, Jen’s Bookish Thoughts, Erika’s Epilogues, Britta Bohler, Helen Jeppesen, and many others. Check them all out.

To be clear, many of these booktubers focus mainly on literary fiction with Harry Potter being the sole excursion into science fiction and fantasy (though Mercedes (Mercy’s Bookish Musings) and Simon (of Savidge Reads) do engage in genre fiction of some form at times).

For booktubers exclusively devoted to science fiction and fantasy, my favorite is SFF 180. Thomas Wagner is amazing. I look forward to his weekly mailbag and his reviews with great anticipation. I do not understand why he does not have tens of thousands of subscribers.

For the young adult oriented science fiction and fantasy fiction, Peruse Project and Benjamin of Tomes are very good. I love their videos. Their passion is infectious. Even if the books featured are far from your cup of tea. (I really need to write a post on my feelings towards SFF YA).

Anyway, these are the art on Youtube and booktube channels I adore. If you are ever interested in expanding your Youtube subscription, do check all of these channels out. You won’t be sorry.


Try A Short Story

I recently started watching booktube on Youtube. One of my favorite booktubers, Savidge Reads, posted a video a few weeks ago in which he gathered several short story collections and read the first story in each book. I enjoyed the video and decided I wanted to try it.

I don’t have that many short story collections in my personal library. Fortunately, I also want to read more books housed by the branch of the Waco McLennan County Library I patronize. I visited the website, typed in short stories, got a paper and pencil, and started writing down titles and authors. On my next trip to the library, I hunted down those books. The first five I found joined The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu as the books I would read. The following week, I added four more books. I really wanted to read two of those four (they were checked out during the hunt), I wanted to add another dedicated science fiction and fantasy collection, and I never read Alice Munro.

I have read the first story in each collection. I have ranked them. And the top ranking books get read to completion. The others get returned to the library on my next trip.

Here are the books with my thoughts on the stories (in the order I read them).

“A Burglar’s-Eye View of Greed” from Catch and Release by Lawrence Block. A very short story in which a burglar bemoans the state of the world from the used bookstore he purchased with his ill gotten gains. It is a good story. But it is dull and a bit flat.

“William Wei” from You Are Having a Good Time by Amie Barrodale. A very compelling character study of a man’s relationship with a woman he met on the phone. Enjoyable. But the style is a bit weird. In a good way.

“The Book Making Habits of Select Species” from The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu. A bunch of alien species make books in some very weird and compelling ways that reveal interesting truths about how we communicate. This story is amazing. Just amazing.

“Nemecia” from Night at the Fiestas by Kirstin Valdez Quade. A little girl grows to resent the beautiful, but abusive, cousin who has lived with her family before she was born. I love this story. It is really good.

“Paradise” from Problems with People by David Guterson. A widower and divorcee begin a tentative new relationship while dealing with memories of the past. It is a well written story. But not terribly interesting.

“Weird” from Dreams of Distant Shores by Patricia A. McKillip. A couple enjoying a picnic in a bathroom tell stories of the weird. Not very good. Bland writing.

“Brace for Impact” from Are You Here For What I’m Here For? by Brian Booker. A high school senior recovering from an illness is taken to a house in which he meets a disabled survivor of a plane crash. I love the first part of this story. I love the narrator. I love his voice. But the story falls apart towards the end. And ends on a rather confusing note.

“Home” from Heartbreaker by Maryse Meijer. A woman and an older man interact. I really did not like this story.

“The Pier Falls” from The Pier Falls by Mark Haddon. You guessed it, a pier falls. Well written description of a tragedy. But what is the point?

“Dimensions” from Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro. A woman enters into and is rescued from an abusive relationship. A very good story. But it does lag, though the time shifts keep the lagging down to a minimum. Doree is an amazing character.

Those are the stories. How do I rank them?

One: “Nemecia”

Two: “The Book Making Habits of Select Species”

Three: “William Wei”

Four:” Brace for Impact”

Five: “Dimensions”

Six: “The Pier Falls”

Seven: “A Burglar’s- Eye View of Greed”

Eight: “Home”

Nine: “Paradise”

Ten: “Weird”

So, there is the rankings. I must say I enjoyed this. I will definitely keep an eye out on several of these writers.