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Realism (as a Genre)

I’ve written about realism on the blog before. But on those occasions, the subject was realism in relation to science fiction and fantasy’s verisimilitude (or internal realism). In this case, I want to explore realism as a genre in and of itself. Even though realism as a literary genre doesn’t really exist anymore. Perhaps the more appropriate genre should be literary mainstream, but realism brings, I think, more to the table. Especially when it comes to writing. 

I’ve always been a science fiction and fantasy geek, but I’ve also been deeply interested in literary mainstream and the literary avant garde. That’s where my rage at Bravo and A&E comes from. This fascination, however, comes and goes in spurts. Which sucks for someone who wanted to be a professor of English Literature for much of my teen years. 

When it comes to writing, I was more interested in writing literary fiction much earlier. Indeed, all of my ideas now are fantasy or science fiction. The lone exceptions being my Keep Weird and Gay Erotica (if the later even counts) projects. 

And I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t know where I’m going with either project. What’s the endgame? I have a few ideas and arcs (both are designed to be comics), but what of it? The passion I have for my other projects just isn’t there for the more realistic projects. 

Was this always true? I think so. When I’ve set myself the goal of working on projects that are not speculative, I’ve found my enthusiasm lacking. The “magic” just isn’t the same. And I’ve already mentioned that when I read history, I’m always thinking about applying what I’m reading to worlds of fantastic adventures. 

But there are themes I want to tackle that realism just seems to do better. 

Or does it?

Perhaps I would have more luck if I incorporate some of the “realistic friendly subjects” and insert them as subplots. Now, this could work. I mean, I’ve already been tempted to do that in regards to Two Cities adding elements from Keep Weird into itself. 

Okay. I think I’ve solved this problem (for myself). But there are so many more that are so interesting. Like “what are the dangers of only using science fiction and fantasy as artistic inspirations?”

Anyway, right now I need to get to work on the first proper Gay Pride Month post.