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Super Bowl predictions!! (and alot more)

Today is the day before “The Big Game”, so I thought it’s only fitting I write this post today. This will not be one of my typical posts about football, this is more a celebration of the 2010-2011 season, followed closely by my “Big Game” predictions.

I would first like to celebrate the amazing turnaround the Dallas Cowboys had after firing Wade Phillips. It is astounding how much better an offensive unit can play once you fire the Defensive Coordinator. Just imagine how good they’re going to be once they have a full season under the new head coach/same offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, and how well Tony Romo is going to play once he watches game film and sees, well, even John Kitna can do Romo’s job pretty well. It’s always super bowl or bust in the big D, and I for one believe they should change that moniker to, lets say Bust or Super Bowl, there’s a lot less pressure that way.

Speaking of Teddy Bear Phillips, he was hired as the defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans, who I believe were ranked just below atrocious this season. Can he fix the defense? Honestly it can’t be much worse so I’d have to say yes. But I’m going to offer some outside the box thinking on this one…Draft or acquire a big time wide receiver, say 1B to Andre Johnson, move Kevin Walter to the slot ala Wes Welker, and always have Arian Foster in the backfield, just make the offense as unstoppable as possible, that way defense only has to hold opposing teams to say…27 points or so.

Now that I’m done talking Texas teams, I want to discuss the end of year awards that were handed out recently. I’m ok with Tom Brady winning offensive player of the year, if this means he won’t be the MVP. If he is the MVP, well I’m sorry, but I call bullshit. MVP stands for most valuable player, so it should go to the player who meant the most  to his team, and as New England proved the year Brady went down, he’s not really the most valuable player on that team. Unlike most people, I don’t buy into the bullshit the NFL and other sports broadcasting companies shovel out. As was proven a few yeas ago, the system in New England is more valuable than the players running it. Easy example, Brady gets hurt, Matt Casselll steps in, and the Patriots go 10-6, barely missing the playoffs. The last few years, Brady has been there, and they lost in the super bowl, then they lost two straight playoff games. Score one for me. On the other hand, without Michael Vick, the Philadelphia Eagles wouldn’t of had a shot this season, especially since Kevin Kolb went down with a concussion so quick into the season. I would have preferred Clay Mathews to have won defensive player of the year, but as usual, the NFL darlings got their wish with Troy Polamalu. Now I’m not taking anything away from Troy, he’s one helluva player, but Clay Mathews meant way more to that defense than Troy did this season. Coach of the year is a joke, sorry Bill. It’s hard for me to vote for a guy who got bounced in their first playoff game, at home, against a divisional rival…But the shining light for awards came in the form of the Rookie of the year awards. Both well deserved, I can totally agree with both.

That brings us to the grand finale, the Super Bowl, featuring the Green Bay Packers against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Obviously if you saw my previous Super Bowl quick post, you know I’m rooting for the Packers, and that is because I despise the Steelers. My dislike, and some would say hatred, for the Steelers comes from many different avenues, the main ones being, they Bitch and Moan and Cry too much. James Harrison break the rules, which were already set, no rules were changed, nothing was added, the NFL decided to actually start enforcing the rules, and James Harrison bitches and whines about it. Dude, I’m sorry, but there are tons of defensive players who play harder than you, and are quite better than you, not getting flagged or fined for illegal hits. And why is that Mr. Harrison? It’s because they play the game hard, not dirty, while you play the game dirty, simple as that. Hines Ward, who has been voted by other players as the dirtiest player in the game, comes out and complains of an 18 game regular season, Hey Hines, aren’t there 4 preseason games? You probably play about a full game and a half in preseason, so what the fuck are you complaining about? If you weren’t too busy blindsiding dudes, you would know if there are two more regular season games, that means two more regular season game checks, more games more money…simple as that. Oh yeah I almost forgot about “Big Ben”, that son of a bitch. I find it quite funny how a guy can go from being accused of rape, to being suspended for “personal conduct violations” to playing in the Super Bowl. It may be just me, but what better way for the NFL to clean up “Big Ben” and his horrible image, than to have him win the Super Bowl? And don’t give me that “ NFL is not rigged” shit, if it’s not, explain to me how only three teams have represented the AFC  since 2003, yet every year since the 1997-1998 season, it has been a different NFC team?(by different I mean no back to back, a few teams have gone to multiple Super Bowls in that time frame.) Lets get back on topic here, Fuck “Big Ben”. Yeah that’s it. All I’m going to say about this is, People are still angry and upset with the NFL for allowing Michael Vick to play Football, but everybody has forgiven Rottenburger for “being accused” of raping two women, admitting to at least having  relations with one.  At least Vick actually served his time, “Big Ben” was suspended yes, but in my opinion, he should have sat out the entire season, I guarantee that would have made him focus on his job, and appreciated all the things he was given.

And as for the game, Green bay 35 Pittsburgh 31, in Overtime. Pittsburgh kicks a field goal, new OT rules Green Bay gets the ball, scores a touchdown.

If you have any comments or complaints with this post, please feel free to comment, I will respond to any comments, thoughts or opinions.


Are you ready for some football predictions? (part 3)

Welcome back for round three of my 2010/2011 NFL season predictions. Next week I will be doing the AFC and NFC Wet divisions, so that should be interesting. This week though, as promised, the AFC and NFC North divisions. Also, in two weeks I will be wrapping up my predictions with the playoff and Super Bowl picks, so let Vegas know in two weeks you’ll be putting down some major money. And finally, this Tuesday I am going to give my take on the actions of two certain athletes that will remain nameless until then. Now let’s get to the predictions.

AFC North:

Baltimore Ravens

I have the Baltimore Ravens winning this division, simply because I have little faith in the rest of the division. Also, the Ravens have made significant progress on the offensive side of the ball, and even though that defense has definitely  lost a step, I believe they are good enough to win the close games, particularly within the division. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Ravens went 12-4 or 8-8, but I just have more faith in them as a team then I do for any others in this division.

Cincinnati Bengals

Picking up Terrell Owens is a smart move. The Bengals picking up T.O., in my opinion, isn’t. Yes I have seen the interviews that he and Chad Ochocinco have had together, and I watched the Hall of Fame game, and I’ve been told by many people to wait until the season starts. But I honestly don’t believe they will be able to share the spotlight in Cincinnati long enough to win this division. A playoff run is definitely not out of the question, because whatever problems those two may cause, the rest of the team is pretty solid. There are two wildcard slots, I believe the Bengals will fight for one of them.

Pittsburgh Steelers

This one will be short, sorry Steelers fans. Ben Rottenburger is suspended at least four games, there is no question about that. Byron Leftwitch is presumably the starter, and they traded away the number one receiver to the Jets. I just see too many issues surrounding this team to be any  sort of contender this year.

Cleveland Browns

And that brings us to the Cleveland Browns. I’m also going to keep this one short. I see improvements being made, and progress towards the future, but this is not the year, sadly to say, since Cleveland has already been through so much…

NFC North:

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay, Wisconsin has got to be one the smallest of the NFL cities, but there is no denying the loyalty they show towards the beloved Packers. I believe they will have plenty to cheer for this upcoming season, as I have them winning this division. They are the most complete TEAM in this division, and were only two wins or so away from the division last year, despite Aaron Rodgers spending more time on his back then a dead fish. I only see improvements from Green Bay this year, so I am putting them back at the top of this division.

Minnesota Vikings

Which brings me quite nicely to the Minnesota Vikings. An offseason filled with will he or won’t he, oh yeah of course he will, he texted retirements, no he didn’t, etc. etc. And of course, just like the majestic groundhog, he saw his teammates beg, and so he must return for one? More season. The receiving corps is slightly depleted while Percy Harvin deals with medical issues, and Adrian Peterson isn’t looking like the best running back in the league. Couple this with all the other intended drama, and I barely see a wildcard team.

Chicago Bears

I feel like Chicago is going to turn some heads this year. With the additions on offense and defense, and the mad scientist himself, Mike Martz, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the Bears were contending for a wildcard spot this year. And there is a real possibility that they may not be as good on the field as they are on paper, but as they say, only time will tell.

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions won a total of two games last season. I believe they will win at least five, and for that team, it is an improvement. They still have a long way to go to be relevant in the NFL, let alone this division.