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Just Disgusting

Maybe I could have bundled this post with one dealing with anti-LGBT bullying. Or maybe even merge this with a standalone post on Bret Easton Ellis. But I’m just too fucking mad right now. Seriously fucking mad.

What am I talking about? Theodore Beale’s disgusting attack on N.K. Jemisin’s Guest of Honor speech at Continuum (it is an awesome speech- if you haven’t read it, do so) a few days ago. 

Beale (or Vox Day as he is also known) is infamous for his routine racist, misogynistic, homophobic, etc. ad infinitum attacks on anyone who is not a straight white male American. 

Beale represents an unfortunate reality within science fiction and fantasy as a community. While SF/F often is the most progressive of genres (at least in ideas), it has a very bigoted past. Women have been (and are still) routinely treated as second class writers and fans. The Russ pledge exists for a reason, you know. And fans and writers of color are treated in much the same way. This cannot stand.

But it does. And that is the sad thing about being an SF/F fan and writer. I want to push the genre forward. I want to see heroes of color, more women represented, more LGBT, etc. 

I am firmly entrenched in the progressive wing of SF/F fandom. And if I make stupid mistakes (which I will), I want (and should) be called out about it. Because I want to avoid those mistakes. I want to improve. 

I’ve had some tussles with Beale in various comments to blog postings at Black Gate (and maybe a few other sites). In my estimation, he’s a reactionary blowhard that wallows in his myriad bigotries. He is abusive textually and intellectually. In short, he is a bully. 

I don’t want him to appear again in Black Gate. I want to see him removed from SFWA. 

Hopefully, this latest outrage is his last. But I somehow doubt it. 


Now, if you are interested in reading more reaction to this infuriating and derogatory attack, check out today’s SFsignal SF/F/H posts collection. Foz Meadows has an excellent rebuttal. And Chris Gerwel of King of Elfland’s Second Daughter has a great analysis. 

I need to calm down now.